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I will ride! I will fly! Chase the wind and touch the sky!

Oh my GAWD!



You know whats annoying? That it’s normal to know everything there is to know about football and know every players name and know the scores and dress up for games etc but god forbid someone knows all the actors of lord of the rings names and dresses up as a character for comic con, thats just SAD.


Sunday, September 21, 2014
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Prince Aladdin and Princess Jasmine cosplay by LeleDraw
This is my favourite Disney character and I love his story.
I like to enrich my Disney cosplay and to put a personal touch in what I do.
Hope you like it ^^







#probably the best explanation of a device in the tv history

This is literally my fourth or fifth time reblogging this.

It’s still hillarious.

One of my favorite lines

I kinda feel like the writers wrote this line specifically to drive the kind of fans who want to figure out how sci-fi tech would theoretically work crazy. They’re like “nope! We’re not going to give you any techno babble to tear apart or investigate or mull over to tell us how we’re doing it wrong, or how it compares in effectiveness to similar tech in other franchises.”

I also feel like this is one of those times when the TARDIS’s translation circuit just gave the fuck up. Like the ‘physics physics physics’ scene, where he is imparting secrets of the universe and the TARDIS is like THERE ARE NO WORDS FOR THIS IN ENGLISH DAMN IT DOCTOR OH HELL FUCK IT.

OH MY GODS she TOTALLY edits his speech. I be he actually swears a fuckton but the TARDIS is like THERE ARE CHILDREN

"Fuck fuck fuckity fuck!" = "Run!"


Some colored Concept Art icons for you all!! :D These icons were sketched by the lovely Steve Thompson and colored by me in Paint Tool Sai!! :D <3

Part 1, Part 2

You are more than welcome to use, just please give me credit and do not claim as your own! 

Enjoy!!!! ^^ <3

{Re-blog only; do not re-post or steal. Thank you!! <33}

I do not own the photos that were used to make these icons. I only claim ownership of my edits of them.

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